For some of you, you are still waiting on outstanding orders of refrigerators through AEP’s CAAR program in 2019. AEP informed us that these outstanding orders will not be fulfilled until 2020 due to this year’s funding being depleted. We will keep you posted on when these CAAR orders will be delivered. In the meantime, agencies will be notified which orders did not get delivered in 2019, and are asked to please contact clients notifying them that their appliance delivery will be delayed until the new year.

If an appliance is delivered in December 2019, and the agency has received a CAAR delivery email, the agency must bill a meter fee for the delivered appliance in 2019. A date for this billing will be determined after CAAR has completed deliveries in December.

Starting next year, we need to get off to a quick start with this program, as this is the last year of the AEP Ohio Community Assistance Program. Therefore, we encourage AEP CAPs to not focus solely on another funding source. We need to be able to operate multiple programs simultaneously. So please begin scheduling clients for audits as of Jan. 2nd 2020.

OPAE will work closely with AEP Ohio to obtain a future contract. We will keep you updated of that progress in 2020.