Ninety percent of the funding provided for HEAP in FY19 has been released to the states under the Continuing Resolution which runs until December 20th. There are differences between the two bills on funding levels, and a distribution formula issue is also in play. Because of the weather in Ohio, our funding level is indifferent to heating degree days and cooling degree days, so it is close to a wash for us.

HWAP is more complicated. Conversations with DOE staff indicate that they will attempt to put out partial funding to the states, though the final amount has yet to be determined. Unlike HEAP, which gets forward-funded at 90%, HWAP only get what has been approved; i.e., funding through December 20th, which is not enough to start the program.

It is unclear if Congress can negotiate a Continuing Resolution for the balance of FY 2020, or if we will see a short-term CR. If a short-term bill is passed that goes until sometime in March, there will likely be a release of partial funding to the states, which will have to revise their state plans after full funding is made available.

Currently, HWAP is slated for a large increase in funding. The House version increase funding by $25 million to $290 million, which is at least another $1 million for Ohio. The Senate went even further, increasing funding to $303.5 million. Unfortunately, if we wind up with a Continuing Resolution we could lose the increases, though the $290 million is the most likely outcome. Keep in mind, the Trump Administration wants HWAP funding eliminated, but that is unlikely.