IMPACT Community Action’s mission is to fight poverty and provide real opportunities to self- sufficiency.

The following is a case study/story of a family that received aid from IMPACT Community Action.

The Past

My father was originally from South Carolina. His family migrated to the State of Ohio. During the mid-50’s my parents became one of the first African American families to purchase a home in the Linden community. My father worked at and retired from the Timken Roller Bearing Company, a local factory located in the Milo–Grogan area. From 3 until I was 18 years old, Linden was my home.

Our home was built in 1941 and placed in the backdrop of the beautiful Linden trees. The stucco walls, watching movies, going out in the backyard swinging on the swing set and eating at the picnic table with my siblings are some of my fondest childhood memories. As an adult, like most kids, I left home. Years later I’d return to take care of my aging father. For twelve years I took care of him and kept him in his home. Sometimes I think that my father’s presence held this house together. When he passed, it all kind of fell apart.

The Problem

First the furnace went out. It may have been as old as the house, but it was completely beyond repair – and the roof was leaking. It was the middle of winter and I’d been without heat for 30 days. It was thirty degrees outside and forty degrees in my home. I applied for the Home Weatherization Assistance Program with the hope that they could help me.

The Progress

The repairs to my home were beyond the scope of weatherization services. But when the Ohio Development Services Agency called about my case, it was music to my ears. “Ms. Nixon, we are going to combine programs and resources and help repair your home.” I was more than elated. IMPACT, along with a group of partners, met me at my front door and put my house back together again. Day by day the activity increased at my home. One of my neighbors asked if I had hit the lottery or something because there was so much work being done. My furnace was repaired and my heat restored. Someone fixed the roof, someone else fixed the water meter and repaired the plumbing. An electrician repaired the circuitry and my home was weatherized through IMPACT’s Home Weatherization Assistance Program.

The Peace of Mind

With the repairs made to my home, I felt a sigh of great relief that I could have some normalcy again and get back to my work and life. I am so very grateful to the people who worked on my home. I realize that they are contractors and each could work for any company of their choice or in more affluent areas. But if they are going to help someone like me, it has to be a matter of the heart and not money.

In the living room to the right side of the front door is a handsome picture of my father. In it, he is smiling. I know that he would have been happy to see that this old house will remain a home.

The Nixon home was a combination project between IMPACT Community Action, Warm Choice, American Electric Power and the Department of Energy, all partners provide weatherization assistance.