Gallia-Meigs: Energy Efficiency Job Success Story written by:

Ramond Johnson
Gallia-Meigs Community Action Agency
Lead Energy Specialist

Christina of Middleport, Ohio was like most individuals of the area awaiting help with heating bills from our agency. On a yearly basis, she is recertified to help stay warm. She also awaited the day when she would get her home insulated on the HWAP program. The list is long and the work is different in every home. Unfortunately, Christina had a setback. The repairs she previously had done to her furnace and heat pump had failed, causing her to stay warm with wall heating units and space heaters.

Believe it or not, this is a case that happens far too often in our communities.

People fall back on dangerous remedies because they cannot afford to properly replace failing units. For Christina, is wasn’t just her furnace and heat pump. Her hot water tank had stopped working too. Luckily, the homeowner received a call from Randy Riffle the HWAP Supervisor. He wanted to do an inspection of her home. You see, not only was she struggling to keep her home warm, but she and her son also had several serious medical issues. Randy made a point to do all he could to ensure her home was done – and safe. He inspected the home and immediately called for the use of the HWAP Enhancement Program to get her proper heating. He then consulted with me as I am an agency energy specialist. Together, we were able to combine costs with AEP CAP and HWAP.

Through that, we insulated the walls, sealed the ductwork, and installed vents making improving the home’s air quality and making it more energy-efficient. The hot water tank was also a quick fix with just a few wiring repairs. It didn’t take long to fix the issues, and now Christina and her son are living in a more comfortable, safer, and healthier environment.

And while our programs can’t solve her medical issues, just living in a safe home relieves her suffering and mental stress. Of course, the client was happy and complimented the crew repeatedly personally and to their supervisors. Success stories like this are why our Agency strives every single day to help the community in which we live, work, and play.



Gallia-Meigs: Energy Efficiency Job Success Story