I know how thrilled you all are of the prospect of another election, but this is one where you can be directly involved, and even run for election.  It is time for OPAE to elect half of its Board.

Eight seats are up for grabs in the upcoming election.  Six of the current Board members are running for re-election.  There are two open seats resulting from the retirement of Michele Lucas and the decision of Keith Pitts not to run again.  Thanks to Michele for her service to both OPAE and the clients at Harcatus, and Keith, who has been on the Board twice.

Anyone can run for the Board, but only one person per agency, please.  It would be great if a HEAP coordinator or two would run.  Michele was our sole HEAP specialist and was one of the ‘PIPP Moms” who helped bring the Program into existence.

In a normal year, there are three in-person meetings of the Board, generally in Columbus.  The fourth meeting is a conference call in December to adopt a budget for the following year.

Please send the nominations to me at drinebolt@opae.org.  The deadline for nominations is Friday, December 4th.  Ballots will be sent out the following Monday and voting will close Friday, December 11th.  The winner will be announced at the OPAE Board meeting on December 14th.