To the Weatherization Program Team:

We just wanted to write a note of gratitude for everything your team did for us. We feel it will allow us to live in our family home for the remainder of our lives.

I’ve never asked for help in my 70 plus years and felt much hesitation when I entered your office last summer. I had lots of anticipation regarding what to expect and concern over people coming into my home especially during these times of Covid. But I knew I could no longer manage on my own. I really didn’t have much choice other than to sell my home. At my age, that seemed like a very scary undertaking.

Our thanks to Mario & Carol in the office. Kevin for orchestrating it all. Carl, Nate, Mikey, and crew for all their hard work and for cleaning up after, and James for managing the great guys in his crew.

The men that came out made us feel comfortable, were polite, cautious, and went above and beyond. I can’t remember everyone’s name but they all did a fabulous job… properly and efficiently!

I have to single out one thing that I am especially grateful for. While he was checking my dryer, I told one guy my dryer seemed to not be heating as well as it did. His name is James also. He found my dryer vent and pipe packed with dry leaves! He removed it and changed it out preventing a sure disaster down the road. I had purchased a new vent cover months before because I saw chipmunks hanging around there, but found that I wasn’t able to replace it myself. My dryer is working well again, and no more immediate risk (fear) of fire!

We appreciate everyone that was involved and can’t thank them enough. They are a wonderful, caring bunch of people!

Wishing you all a Blessed Holiday Season!