Greetings Ohio Weatherization Network!

COAD is excited to share with you that we have a new Training and Technical Manager, Kris Jones. Kris joins us after 7 years in the solar industry as a Senior Drafter, where she managed projects for designing ballast plans to mitigate uplift and sliding of PV arrays for commercial and residential “flat” roofs and led a decentralized team of drafters. Kris holds a BA in Business from Franklin University and an Associate’s Degree in Drafting and Design, with 20 years of AutoCad experience including extensive knowledge of 2d and 3d modeling and additional experience as a CNC programmer/operator.

Please add Kris to your list of contacts for the OWTC and feel free to reach out with any questions!


We have been working on internal processes and website development. Please visit the website Ohio Weatherization Training Center (OWTC) – Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development ( You will find course descriptions including prerequisites and required materials for each course, the training schedule, and a newly added Register here button!

To register for classes please click the Register here button and fill out the required information on the form. You will notice we are asking for a student email address. This allows us to copy the student on the confirmation of registration, they will also receive a study guide with helpful information about the class. The intent is to set them up for success. Also consider purchasing code books for your Organization for your employees’ use. The required code books are the most current editions of NFPA-54, NFPA-211, NFPA-31, NFPA-58, NFPA-70 and NEC.

Once you fill out the required fields and hit send, the form will be processed internally. Students will be registered and you will receive email confirmation of the registration. Please wait for the email confirmation prior to making travel arrangements, if you have not received confirmation your request has not yet been processed. We ask that you use the registration button to register students, as it is designed to send the request to the appropriate person based on course selection. For scheduling related questions or cancellations, Devon Cooper will remain the point of contact.

Finally, we are looking forward to attending job fairs and the like this Spring. We would like to retain your job opportunities on our COAD website for reference and outreach. Please submit your job postings to You can submit via pdf, word or weblink.