Pulled from LCCAA website; Posted 6/21/23 — The Bailey brothers took their tight sibling bond to school at LCCAA’s Wellington Head Start and each found his independence.

“Elliot and Emmanuel have grown so much this school year,” teacher Melissa Kowal said. “They’ve blossomed into being independent and we have enjoyed having them in our classroom.”

Emmanuel had attended a few hours of preschool at JVS the year before but this year was Elliot’s first and he struggled to adjust.

“I really love that they were able to go together this year,” said Andrea Bailey. “It eased my worries because they were able to have each other.”

Andrea noted dramatic differences in her two sons, saying Emmanuel hit all milestones as expected while Elliot seems to need more assistance.

“I was worried if he was going to be able to go to school at all,” Andrea said.

Elliot formed a tight bond with “Mrs. K” while staff worked together to put in place an Individualized Education Plan with the supports he needs to continue.

“She was able to give him enough love but still set the boundaries saying “you need to do this yourself” but she was close enough to help if needed,” Andrea said. “She was very consistent. She’s definitely meant to do what she does. She’s been a blessing to me.”

Emmanuel is headed to kindergarten at Westwood Elementary this fall and Elliott will return to Mrs. K’s classroom housed in the same building for a second year. Meanwhile, Elliot became a big brother just two months ago when Emmit was born to Andrea and her husband Elijah. Elijah is a glass installer and Andrea is working toward her social work license.

Andrea said she is grateful for Head Start and gives the program a “10 out of 10.”

“They put in the time and effort for your children,” she said. “They give your child the opportunity to find their way.”