PUCO, Vectren and PIPP

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) issued a Finding and Order yesterday that partly approved and partly modified Vectren’s proposed transition plan.  Under these plans, utilities provide a roadmap for how they will restart […]

Ohio Utility COVID-19 Transition Plans

Ohio’s utilities are restarting their energy efficiency and weatherization assistance programs in phases. The following provides program restart details:

What are the health benefits of energy efficiency?

Dave Rinebolt, the Executive Director of Ohio Partners for Affordable Energy, explains the many health benefits of making homes more energy efficient, as well as the impact his organization […]

New Summer Crisis Program Guidelines Issued

It is going to be a busy summer once utility moratoria are lifted.  Based on feedback from agencies, applications remain steady but the applications have yet to reflect the huge numbers of newly unemployed.  Agencies […]

2020 Home Weatherization Assistance Program State Plan

David C. Rinebolt
Executive Director
on the

I. Introduction

Thank you for the opportunity to provide comments on the proposed Program Year 2020 Home Weatherization Assistance Program State Plan and the […]

FY 2021 Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

RE: FY 2021 Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
Waiver Request

Dear Ms. Meadows:

OPAE wishes to notify you that the organization and its members support the LIHEAP waiver request as drafted. We support the expansion of […]

AEP Ohio Base Rate Proceedings

The Company took the first step in what will be a long base rate proceeding, filing a motion to establish a test-year and waiving certain filing requirements. A base rate case is the traditional approach […]

COVID-19 Supplementals

The COVID-19 3rd Supplemental provided an additional $900 million for HEAP and $1 billion for CSBG.  This is all good.

Congress is now feuding over a 4th and 5th supplemental.  The first volley was fired by […]

Coronavirus Update – PUCO suspends in-home services

Today, the Commission issued an order requiring “in-home audits, weatherization programs, in-premises inspections not prompted by an identified safety-related concern, and other similar initiatives”, to be suspended for the duration of the emergency.  Utilities are […]

Chairman Pai Launches the Keep American Connected Pledge

Pai Calls on Broadband and Telephone Service Providers to Promote Connectivity for Americans Impacted by the Disruptions Caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic WASHINGTON, March 13, 2020—Yesterday, in multiple phone calls with broadband and telephone service […]

Apartment Residents Get New Refrigerators

Story provided by Lorain County Community Action Agency

Residents of two apartment complexes in Lorain have efficient appliances thanks to LCCAA’s Community Connections program.
LCCAA facilitated the replacement of every refrigerator at both Pearl Village and Westgate […]