I am blessed Bridges CAP came into my life

To whom it may concern:

The reason I am sending this email is to give all of you and your employees a very big Thank You. With the pandemic hitting us all this spring, many of […]

PUCO Issues Revised Credit and Disconnection

Provisions Affect Natural Gas PIPP+

The five-year rule review of the Credit and Disconnection Rules – 4901:1-17 and -18 – has been completed by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). These rules, as the name […]

Settlement This Week on PIPP+ Electric Riders

Ohio allows utilities to fund many discrete activities such as smart grid development or distribution pipe replacements through riders. A rider is an add-on to the distribution rates. It is generally not broken out. Riders […]

It’s Election Time for OPAE

I know how thrilled you all are of the prospect of another election, but this is one where you can be directly involved, and even run for election.  It is time for OPAE to elect […]

Will HB 6 Be Repealed?

It remains unclear whether the Ohio General Assembly will enact any legislation modifying House Bill 6 – the controversial law at the core of the $61 million corruption scandal that has made state and national […]

Legislators Punt on HB 6

The General Assembly left town after a couple of desultory hearings regarding the repeal or repeal-and-replacement of the much-vilified HB 6.

The bill included many more anti-consumer provisions than the $0.85 per month nuclear bailout […]

Ohio Utility COVID-19 Transition Plans

Ohio’s utilities are restarting their energy efficiency and weatherization assistance programs in phases. The following provides program restart details:

PUCO Approves Winter Reconnect Order

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) today issued its Winter Reconnect Order for the upcoming winter heating season. The Winter Reconnect Order helps Ohioans served by PUCO-regulated utilities reconnect or maintain electric and natural […]

PUCO, Vectren and PIPP

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) issued a Finding and Order yesterday that partly approved and partly modified Vectren’s proposed transition plan.  Under these plans, utilities provide a roadmap for how they will restart […]