Improve Your State’s Ability to Take Care of Vulnerable Communities

How your state is perceived in the eyes and minds of the nation can be measured by how well your state takes care of its most vulnerable populations. And your role as a manager of your state’s energy/utility assistance and weatherization programs puts you on the front lines. OPAE Energy Services understands the profound role you play in your state’s administration. We are committed to helping maintain and expand energy/utility assistance programs to benefit those communities most in need.

What is OPAE Energy Services

OPAE Energy Services partners with states to help them more efficiently deliver energy assistance programs to the people that need them. We partner with state energy assistance departments, consumer advocacy groups and state/federal lawmakers to develop energy-focused policies and programs to assist vulnerable communities in your state.

Specifically, we provide the following services:

  • Policy & Program Development
  • Procedural Manuals
  • Audit Re-Approval
  • Audit Tools & Process Development

OPAE Energy Services is an Arm of Ohio Partners for Affordable Energy

Ohio Partners for Affordable Energy (OPAE) is an Ohio-focused, non-profit organization advocating for the maintenance and expansion of energy bill assistance, energy efficiency and weatherization programs on behalf of member agencies and the communities they serve. We work with our members (community action agencies), partners and industry experts to advance industry best practices and provide access to meaningful education and training. In addition, OPAE offers industry expertise, consulting and research services to organizations – both public & private – on energy-related topics.

OPAE Energy Services was established to further pursue our goals of expanding energy assistance programs throughout the nation.

States Where We Have Engaged