We Need Your Help to Save Utility Energy Efficiency & Weatherization Program

The Ohio Consumers’ Counsel is at it again, using the coronavirus pandemic to advance the organization’s long-term goal of eliminating demand side energy management – particularly for vulnerable Ohioans.

The OCC started by putting Vectren’s and Columbia Gas’ energy efficiency and weatherization programs on the chopping block. Our communities need to sound the whistle for the PUCO that these programs:

Support Jobs | Support Businesses | Save Lives



Learn the Facts: Talking Points

  • Elderly, disabled and low-income populations rely on energy efficiency and weatherization programs to maintain a safe, healthy and comfortable living environment.
  • Energy efficiency and weatherization programs help families make their homes efficient, reducing utility bills, and in the case of low-income programs, solving a host of other safety and health issues in the home.
  • Energy efficiency and weatherization are preventive measures that have lasting impacts for years.
  • Ohio has appropriate funding to support those who need utility bill assistance. Ohio also received $40-million more in utility bill assistance funding from the Federal COVID-19 relief legislation. And there will be more money to come as the crisis tightens its grip.
  • Ohio has a current moratorium restricting utilities from turning off gas or electric service ensuring Ohioans stay connected.
  • The OCC has historically aimed efforts at eliminating the energy industry’s demand side management programs – energy efficiency and weatherization programs. Now, their finding COVID-19 to be a convenient time to push their agenda while Ohioans are struggling.
  • Ohio low-income programs employ more than 1000 Ohioans.
  • Ohio businesses that are part of the supply chain will suffer as well.
  • OPAE, Ohio Development Services Agency and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio are all working collaboratively to meet the needs of vulnerable Ohioans. The OCC is not at the table.
  • You are a Community Action Partner. You understand the plight of Ohio’s most vulnerable better than anyone.
  • OCC should work with, not against, professionals like our members who understand the needs and the solutions to energy poverty.

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