When is a Bike Shop More Than a Bike Shop?

When is a simple bike shop a catalyst to developing successful youth?

When said bike shop is Lorain County Community Action Agency (LCCAA) Bike Shop. The “call-it-what-it-is” name for the retail location is about as […]

PUCO Issues Final Credit and Disconnection Rules


The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has issued the final credit and disconnection rules, which include rules covering the natural gas Percentage Income Payment Plan (PIPP).  The Commission accepted several of OPAE’s recommendations, but refused […]

What’s Next for HWAP?

The rumor mill has been rampant with discussions of a major increase in HWAP funding by Congress. On April 22nd, Biden announced a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. The American […]

HB 6 Repealed, Sort Of

The General Assembly bolted out of Columbus on March 25th, patting themselves on the back for passing legislation to repeal portions of the notorious HB 6. Even still-Rep. Larry Householder voted for the bill.

SB 124 […]

Bill Payment Assistance – How Much Money is Out There?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused hundreds of thousands of Ohioans, and millions of Americans, to lose their jobs or businesses.  This meant families couldn’t pay for the necessities:  food, rent or mortgages, utilities, and health care.  […]

New Water Assistance Program Starts to Rollout

I know that agencies have had to implement plenty of new programs during the pandemic: rent assistance; mortgage assistance; utility bill assistance from nontraditional funding mechanisms. Now a brand new program is inching its way […]

HB 6 Repeal Efforts Make Headway

Time to bring you up-to-date on the latest HB 6 repeal efforts. Increasingly, Republicans are jumping on the bandwagon to repeal the law, but not for the reasons you might think. Anyone with a brain […]

FERC to Fund Office of Public Participation

I tend to keep an eye on issues that are a little off of the beaten path. One of those is wholesale market operations, which are regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Ohio […]

QuickFacts: Results of NCAF WAP Relief Program Survey

Published by National Community Action Foundation; February 10, 2021

We’re expecting that the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) will be a major component of an upcoming transportation/infrastructure/climate change proposal in Congress. Discussions could begin as early as […]

OPAE Shares – Nicole Peoples, COAD

Nicole Peoples, energy services director for Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development, presents the organization’s QuickBase cloud SaaS. COAD and their members use QuickBase to manage client projects, vendors and contractors. If you are interested in […]

Congress Approves WAP Reauthorization

It is amazing what Congress can accomplish when it finally gets around to doing something.  The Senate sat on additional COVID-19 relief legislation and the appropriations bills until the very last minute, but when the […]

I am blessed Bridges CAP came into my life

To whom it may concern:

The reason I am sending this email is to give all of you and your employees a very big Thank You. With the pandemic hitting us all this spring, many of […]